4100 Strandherd Drive, Barrhaven613-843-1111

Don’t be surprised if you actually get a hug on your first visit to Pinelopi’s Greek Kitchen. It’s a small restaurant that skillfully evokes the freshness and flavours of home-style Greek cooking, dished up with genuine warmth and hospitality.


Chicken Wrap


Grilled chicken breast – make it a Club Wrap with bacon & lettuce  $14.85

Pork Wrap


Grilled pork tenderloin 

Gyro Wrap


Grilled seasoned slices of beef 

Vegetarian Wrap


Fusion of grilled eggplant, zucchini, red pepper &

Lamburger Wrap


Grilled lean ground lamb seasoned with fresh
house herbs, garlic & mint 

Steak Wrap


Strips of New York strip loin, sauteed onions and red pepper



Served with tzatziki, and your choice of soup, Greek salad, Ceasar salad, or hand cut fries

Add hand cut fries to any wrap 2.95

Oven Roast Lamb


Leg of lamb, au jus, served with oven roast potatoes & Greek salad

Mini - Souvlaki


Two chicken brochettes on a bed of rice with Greek salad &



Baby spinach, feta cheese, wrapped in phyllo pastry,
served with soup or Greek salad 

Filet of Sole


Pan fried, served on a bed of rice with Greek salad 

Mediterranean Pizza


Pesto, zucchini, eggplant, red peppers,
red onions, mushrooms, Kalamata olives & goat cheese, served
with Greek salad or soup

Pinelopi’s Pizza


Caramelized onions, baby spinach, sundried
tomatoes, grilled chicken & a mix of mozzarella/kefalotiri cheese,
served with Greek salad or soup 


Classic Salad substitute 3.25


Pasta of the Day


Will reflect Pinelopi's creative mood