4100 Strandherd Drive, Barrhaven613-843-1111


Don’t be surprised if you actually get a hug on your first visit to Pinelopi’s Greek Kitchen. It’s a small restaurant that skillfully evokes the freshness and flavours of home-style Greek cooking, dished up with genuine warmth and hospitality.



Pinelopi's Greek Kitchen proudlyopened its doors
with one clear vision...

To create a positive culture that is above all else, inviting and exclusive. Pinelopi's believes that food & drink are one of life's greatest delicacies, which should be shared amongst warm company within an ambiance of personality and simplicity.

As time changes, so do the things around us; quality, food & drink however, are timeless luxuries that only can get better with age, mastery and attention to detail. With authenticity in mind and generational recipes, Pinelopi's encourages a modern Mediterranean flair to its kitchen which truly embodies its confidence towards social desires & taste demands.

Through family history we have learned that at the heart of a memory lies laughter and love and we wish to produce nothing less than that energy. In the name of everything holy, let's eat.

Opa & Kali Orexi.